At CND, our commitment to safety is based on our vision to create a working environment that places the highest value on the welfare of the individual, to instill a sense of ownership and to embrace excellence in all aspects of performance. Our goals are simple: to create added value for our customers through best-in-class performance. We pledge to place the safety and well-being of our employees and subcontractors first and to embody honesty and integrity in this pursuit. Methods to achieve these goals include pre-work planning, job hazard analysis and hazard control. We will seek secure, active employee and subcontractor participation while integrating the customer's requirements and expectations. We hold ourselves responsible and accountable for safety and environmental performance within the organization. We will welcome opportunities for program improvement and communicate effectively, consistently and competently with employees and customers.

Third Party Safety Qualifications

CND currently subscribes with global resource companies IS Net World, Browz LLC, Textura PQM and PICS Auditing. These third party prequalification services allow participating corporations centralized compliance information including verification of insurance, licensing, safety, quality, environmental and financial scores and other information critical to subscribing companies. If your company is not a member of one of these services, we will be happy to complete your prequalification requests. Please send your requests to Corporate Safety.

Subcontractor Prequalification

CND screens potential contractors based on factors including safety record and experience. CND requires potential subcontractors to submit a completed Subcontractor Prequalification Form to seek information necessary to determine whether subcontractors have met these standards.

Send the completed form with backup documentation to Corporate Safety.

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