Heavy Industrial Plant Deactivation and Layup

Plant Deactivation and Layup

Services to wind-down operations to hot or cold idle mode or preliminary activities to permanent closure. These services are often in coordination with facility operators and local firms familiar with plant operations. They may include equipment preservation, winterization, temporary waste water treatment, fire system modifications, removal or flammables and finished goods, removal of proprietary and confidential information and systems, process layup, power isolation and temporary power feeds, security, and management of critical systems such as transformers, landfills, leachate and effluent systems, public or shared infrastructure, and emergency management.

Plant Decommissioning

Includes technical work to decommission industrial process systems with raw and in process chemical and materials that are unique to industry including pulp and paper, oil and gas, and power generation sectors. This work is often performed in conjunction with plant deactivation but may also occur after permanent closure is finalized, and there are no plans for restart. Regulators may require decommissioning regardless of future plans.

Plant Salvage and Equipment Removal

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