Asset Recovery


Investment recovery is a critical component of most industrial demolition projects. The capital raised from the sale of items on-site can offset the cost of demolition. In some cases the investment recovery sales have actually exceeded the cost of decommissioning the site. CND has an impressive track record for reclaiming value from industrial assets that are no longer productive. Hundreds of reusable items are recovered from CND job sites - plumbing fixtures, safety equipment, shipping equipment, lighting fixtures, switches, transformers, mechanical equipment, metal siding, office furniture, door handles, portable offices, pumps, steel plates, tanks and much more.

Metals and Disposal

Our Metals Division specializes in the salvage and recycling of scrap metals, transforming them into valuable raw materials for industry. Fueled by a dedication to quality, integrity and technical proficiency, the company's continuing growth is predicated on delivering the highest standards of service to each and every client. Combining the expertise of our knowledgeable staff with the latest state-of-the-art technologies, the metals team delivers a full spectrum of integrated metals recovery and recycling services.

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