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CND is one of the top industrial, commercial and residential hazardous waste abatement contractors in North America.

Extensive capabilities and practices, paired with stringent safety requirements, bonding and performance-based approaches enable CND to provide exceptional and reliable service, highest quality workmanship and advanced hazard assessment capabilities with minimal disruption.

Using sophisticated equipment and technologies, CND's trained professionals competently remove asbestos, mould, lead, PCBs, vermiculite and retrofit fireproofing from operating and non-operating facilities. CND has successfully completed projects in schools and universities, hospitals, office towers, refineries, manufacturing facilities and sites with contaminated soil.


  • Removal, enclosure or encapsulation of asbestos containing materials
  • High-risk, full containment asbestos removal
  • Moderate-risk asbestos abatement activities
  • Repair & patch of pipe, boiler and mechanical insulation
  • 24-hour emergency response and cleanup of dislodged or spilled asbestos
  • Construction of containment systems
  • Licensed transportation and disposal of asbestos waste


PCB-containing ballasts, capacitors and transformers require special attention to meet the requirements of today's environmental legislation.

Working in close association with other organizations, CND is able to address all the issues and needs pertaining to the classification, removal, storage and destruction of PCB-containing products.

PCB services include:

  • Decoding and classification of PCB-containing products.
  • Removal of PCB-containing fixtures and equipment.
  • PCB collection.
  • Licensed transport and storage.
  • Reduction of PCB wastes.
  • Cleaning and recycling of PCB-containing products or contaminated materials.
  • PCB destruction.
  • Design and construction of temporary storage facilities.
  • Preparation and maintenance of emergency contingency plans.

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